Friend or Foe: Sore or Injured

I would love it if one of my first “fitness” posts was about how awesome it was to run a 10 miler, or swim 5 miles, or bike 50 miles, or hike mount everest, but in all actuality, I’m injured. Yup, I played the game of friend or foe (sore or injured) and I lost, “I got foed.” 

For my 30th Birthday (September 9th), my husband, David, surprised me with registration for both of us to Chicago’s Monster Dash 10K!!! I was more than thrilled, a little scared, but thrilled. 10K isn’t the longest I’ve run, and I actually ran a 10k trail run in Wisconsin last year. So mentally I know that I can do it, however, my postpartum body has other ideas of what’s a good time.

All throughout pregnancy I had literal dreams of me running. That’s all it was, I was running on trails, running on paths, running on a treadmill, etc. It. Was. Glorious. I missed running SO much! So as soon as I was given the ok postpartum I tried running. I in fact tried an app to get into running again, which was a bad idea, because I thought “listen to the app” instead of “listen to my body,” and I got injured (my knees). So after some rest I tried it again, this time no app, and the back of my heels started killing me. They felt stiff and just not wanting to move. I decided, ok I need new shoes these ones are way old (which was the truth). I got new shoes, and soon after I was surprised with 10K registration!

I did a lot of research about different plans for a slow/beginning runner in order to train for this 10K. My plan was great, but once again I did not pay attention to it, because mentally I was all there. One beautiful Sunday early evening I ran too far and a little too fast, and at one point the back of my heels were hurting. I kept telling myself that it’d go away just keep going, and that’s when I should’ve thought “Friend or Foe,” because like I said “I got foed.” 

Normally soreness is good, because it indicates that your muscles are getting stronger (this is scientifically true-tiny micro tears in the muscle fiber hurt causing soreness-along with lactic acid of course-but as the soreness goes away your muscle rebuilds itself making it slightly stronger). I have even joked that “sore is the new black.” It’s good for you, but being injured not so much.

My heel pain ended up being retrocalcaneal bursitis, which is the inflammation of the bursar sac  between the achilles tendon and the heel. It just keeps everything cushioned and comfy. I also put too much strain on my heel and was left with a stress fracture in the right. I ended up seeing a sports medical doctor to get this diagnosis since the pain and swelling wasn’t going away. It’s been about a week since I saw the doctor, and luckily I am feeling much better (not 100% but better).

If I can get the doctor’s ok I will start training (s l o w e r  this time) for at least the 5k! One thing I have majorly learned from this is that you MUST listen to your body, stretch, strengthen, eat well, and learn the difference between friend or foe. Wish me luck!

xoxo, Kate


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