A Burger Don’t

If I ever eat fast food (which is rare) I might opt for Potbelly, Panera, Chipotle, or Subway. It has been years since I have eaten at any burger fast food place, and in all honesty last time I did I didn’t even opt for a burger I attempted a grilled chicken sandwich and still got sick. I already knew that fast food did not do my insides good.

So this morning one of the first news articles I read was about Burger King, and apparently the Black Halloween Burger is giving people “cartoon green poop” for as long as three days!? Really? They are claiming it is safe, and that the ingredients they use are approved by the FDA, but really? This is just another example of my question as to when people are going to wise up to big business not caring about our bodies. A black burger is supposed to be a fun gimmick, butΒ at what cost? There might not be any medical consequences of “cartoon green poop” in studies as of yet, but maybe that’s because they never needed to make this study before? All I know is that it is not supposed to be green, and if you were to go to the doctor about that they most likely would tell you that it is not a normal color.

This has even caused the new hashtag #greenpoop and it seems black and white responses. Some people are freaked out about it while others think it is funny and they can’t wait for it again.

Ok, stepping onto my soap box, for the love of life we all need to be educated on taking care of our bodies whether that is through professionals or proper reading materials. I’m not a doctor, but please say no to green poop.

xoxo, Kate


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