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Like many others I began the month of January with much excitement for


Typical Whole30 Day

#JanuaryWhole30 or #Whole30isepic! And like some I was #Wholemost30.

I was going strong, feeling great, and trying new foods and recipes that were oh-so-delicious, but then came the cold of all colds. It started with my son who ended up with an ear infection, next my daughter with a hacking cough, and then my husband and I. Each of us experienced it a bit differently, and how my body handled it was to lose my voice completely for about four days! And let me tell you this… It’s very hard to be sick when your kids are sick, and I discovered that when you don’t have a voice on top of that, it’s even harder!

So with no one to take care of me (considering we were all sick), thus no one to make me Whole30 compliant food, I ate the only thing that was easy and nice on my throat… Frozen Yogurt. Sure it’s not the worst of the worst, but it’s not Whole30 and with that frozen yogurt came eh, I might as well have an almond milk latte, and then eh I might as well have some dark chocolate. Yeah, I know, I’m really “bad” when it comes to “eating bad!” (note my sarcasm), but it was not #JanuaryWhole30.

Now that my cold (which lasted about 2 weeks or slightly longer) is over I am free to Whole30 it up, but I decided at the moment I’m going to focus on trying my best to eat as healthy asย possible. Whole30 isn’t Whole365, it’s ok to eat some foods that aren’t compliant all of the time. What is important is to try your best to eat well, and make clean eating a permanent part of your life.




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