Find Your OM: The Importance of Rest

A few months ago I was telling my yoga teacher how I can’t wait for January. She asked, “What’s in January?” And I responded with much excitement, “NOTHING!” She laughed and reminded me that I need to find enjoyment in my present even when life is busy and tough. This past fall will go down as probably one of the toughest that hopefully I will ever have to go through.

January has come, and it’s true that it’s been a bit less chaotic despite a household of colds, ear infections, and round 2 of colds…

But this past Sunday I was reminded about the importance of rest.

Rest is important not just for the physical body to prevent and/or heal from injury, but also for the mind. One of the best ways to rest the mind is through prayer or meditation which can be done before, during, or after a yoga practice.

Why would rest for the mind be so important? It’s about connection, connection to your self, your soul. Everyday is filled with so many distractions that we can become disconnected from ourselves, our purpose, our calling, or really what our spirit loves about life. When we are connected, we can live life the way we are meant to which not only benefits us, but also others.

If you think about our mind like you do to injury, without rest your body may get more injured, never healing properly and never functioning properly. Sometimes with bodily injuries you have to go so far back to fix it, to rest it in order to go back to the beginning to the road of recovery. Sometimes surgery is even required or sometimes you are left with a scar, either way your body can’t function properly without proper rest and recovery.

It made me think about emotional “injury” and how sometimes we push through it, keep letting it happen, or never get proper help to work through it. Just like the body without proper “rest,” you may never fully recovery. The emotional “injury” may “heal” but deep down you might not work or function the way you used to, which is that disconnection I was talking about earlier. Without proper rest for the mind, we may grow disconnected from our spirit and never fully be who we are meant to be.

I know that we aren’t all available to take a vacation, and the thing is a vacation might not even be the type of “rest” you need for the mind. Take me for example, I work part time, take care of two kids, and run an Etsy shop. I am NOT going to be taking a “vacation” anytime soon. I started realizing that my “rest” might just be the acceptance to be happy with just life. I so often am trying to think of the next step and what I should be doing or what I need to be doing in a year or two rather than just simply focusing what’s in the present, my children, my family, the household/the life that I can build now. Focusing on the present does take courage, and yes there is importance to be aware of the future, but being in the present if you think about it, is a form of rest. It’s putting that anxiety about the future to “rest.”

Children live life every day in the present, they try to find enjoyment in the little things. This gives them rest, and their spirit is high, they enjoy life, and are full of love.

So to “Find Your OM” today, please give yourself a chance to rest, whether it is through prayer or meditation or simply trying to live more in the present every day. It takes practice, but connecting to yourself is worth it.

Namaste, Kate

IMG_4321 (1)

#Beautyinthecommon (Photo I took at Chicago Botanic Gardens Spring 2012)



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