Find Your OM: Coffee Shop Challenge

I’d like to challenge you all this week for “Find Your Om!” In any variation of yoga class, your teacher will ask you to center yourself, find your center, to breathe for you and someone outside of the room, etc. When you center yourself, you are bringing awareness to your body, breath, and mind. You are able to fully enjoy your practice with mindfulness.

Today I stopped by my favorite coffee shop with one thing in mind, I’m going to get a delicious Aztec Mocha (my favorite) and a raw bar (think generic Larabar) and finish reading my book “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo. As you might be able to tell, I was taking myself on a little date! I was prepared to fully enjoy the company of myself. My book was great conversation and my drink delighted my senses. I even saw a friend of mine sitting by himself, which I’m sure I could’ve joined him, but no, I smiled and waved and found a cozy little corner for that mindful romance.

While I waited for my drink to be made, I noticed that just about everyone there was fully immersed in work. I saw laptops, tablets, phones, earbuds, textbooks, notebooks, folders, papers, and fine coffee being ignored. This wasn’t a college coffee shop or a break room in the office. It’s a coffee shop, and one that even roasts its own beans!

Sure I know that you’re busy, and it’s excellent to drink coffee with a side of work, but myIMG_2311 challenge for you this week is to take yourself out on a coffee date! Be mindful of your experience. Smile and say hello to others, smell and taste your drink, and enjoy a little conversation in the form of a book (and no cell phones out either-this should be a “tech-free zone” aka “TFZ” after all)! I’m not asking much, but to dedicate a little part of your day the way you would to a yoga practice. It’s a way of extending mindfulness from the yoga studio to a daily activity. You may surprise yourself by how enriching, awakening, and romantic it can be.


Katie Anne


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