Find Your Space

I could go into details as to how intense my past two days have been, but I won’t. Instead I will focus on sharing how important it is to find your space. Sometimes things can get ugly if you don’t learn how to pause, breathe, and let go. We are constantly teaching kids to count to ten, then why is it as adults we just don’t always follow that, but instead get chest tightness or worse chest pain. Then there’s also road rage, bulging veins, clenched fists, regret, word vomit etc.! When things start turning ugly, let’s be honest we do too unless we learn to control our emotions.

As a Mom there are times I admit that I just about lose it, and especially as a parent it’s important to learn how to take a break. Even if it’s a quick 5 minute break to step away, breathe, and get calm in your space. Of course don’t do this if your child can get hurt, but if there’s a place to put your baby, such as the crib, do it if possible. You will be much better and able to handle anything if you just breathe.

It’s amazing how space that once was mind-numbing dullness can become a gift. That ticking clock that once was nails on a chalkboard steadies your breath, steadies your heart, teaches you to breathe again.

Find your space, learn to breathe, and accept peace. namaste


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