Trek-on Tuesday #2

One question that I am frequently asked is “So, have you always been a runner?” The short answer is no. I actually grew up believing and telling myself “You aren’t a runner” or “You don’t have the body to run” and with those kind of answers I bet you can imagine that I didn’t run.

My First 5k! (With the hubs-been dating 2 months)

My First 5k! (With the hubs-dating 2 months)

It wasn’t until the spring of 2009 that I started running. In fact the longest I had ran before my first 5k was one mile, and let me tell you that was tough. I ran that 5k in about 38 minutes and was bent over nauseated afterwards. I couldn’t believe at the time that I finally did a 5k! I had always seen people running in 5k’s and was always amazed thinking that someday, someday I would do a 5k.

Since 2009 I have run multiple 5k’s, and gone through two pregnancies.

5K PR, 10 months postpartum!

5K PR, 10 months postpartum after my 2nd!

After each baby I battled postpartum injuries, but managed to survive. At this point I am actually PRing my time by just under a 28 minute 5k! I have shed a little over 10 minutes off my 5k time in over six years and two babies. I am quite happy with that!

So not only is this my Trek-On Tuesday, but it’s also my #Transformationtuesday! I came from a non-runner to a runner battling negative self-talk, doubt, injuries, etc. I am so glad that I became a runner. I feel strong, positive, confident, and as if I can take on anything. I make it happen just like I do when I tell myself, “One more mile.”


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