Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Book

cover-half-marathon-trainingDepending on how closely you follow me (on Instagram for example) you may or may not know that I started training for my very first half marathon. One name that I have heard over and over when it comes to running guru’s is Hal Higdon. I’ve specifically heard that his training plans and tips are the way to go. So when I saw that he recently published a book in April 2016 focusing on half marathons, I immediately got it from my local library!

“Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training” book can be as detailed or basic as you need it to be, meaning you can skim to exactly what you need to know or you can read the entire book and learn the history of half marathons, other runner experiences, training program examples, running tips, etc.

It assured me that the plan I had come up for myself was a good one to work with, and even better I was able to improve it based on some of his suggestions (which are beneficial for both beginner and novice runners).

As for running books I think it was a great one to start with and highly recommend it when you’re beginning to plan for your first or looking to improve your second, third, or even twentieth!

Happy reading and good luck!


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