3 Reasons to Morning Run

When is the best time to run? The quick answer is when you can, but the truthful answer is the morning. Granted I am not a doctor, a professional runner, or a trainer, but I am a runner meaning I can at least share my two cents with you.

3 Reasons to Morning Run

  1. Beat the heat (Summers can be brutally hot and humid and to avoid dehydration and sunburn, greet the morning sun with your run)!
  2. Begin the day with an adrenaline and endorphin kick (Running or any sort of physical exercise is an excellent way to get mental clarity and focus, and keep positive vibes throughout any kind of stressful day).
  3. Awaken your body and metabolism (Getting your body warmed up, stretched, blood pumping, muscles growing, and digestive system hopping is an excellent wake up call to your body. Not only will your body work more efficiently throughout the day, but your energy level will be on the up and willing to take on anything that comes your way)!

Obviously though if you can’t squeeze in a morning run don’t beat yourself up. Exercise in general is healthy, and your body and mind will always thank you for it.



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