Book Review: The Joy of Less

14031150_913314408780880_1747901709_nAs I was browsing the new book section at my local library I was attracted to a beautiful book, which happened to be as beautiful as the cover. The book is “The Joy of Less” by Francine Joy. She is a minimalist that shares her and the minimalist philosophy, her “STREAMLINE” method, room by room how-to, and lifestyle. It is similar yet different than “Spark Joy” by Marie Kondo which is another lovely book on the point of minimalism.Β 9781607749721


If you’re curious what the STREAMLINE method is:

S tart Β  over

T rash, treasure, or transfer

R eason for each item

E verything in its place

A ll surfaces clear

M odules

L imits

I f one comes in, one goes out

N arrow down

E very day maintenance


STREAMLINE. Pretty simple.

I found the book refreshing, beneficial, and recommend it to anyone who is on the search for a peaceful home and on the search for a method to declutter and minimalize.

Happy Readings!



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