Weekly Run Review


Kids Against Hunger 5k

This week was a bit different, because due to schedules and weather, I had two days (at the end of the week) to run 12 miles! Normally I would have broken it down throughout the week, but it made me realize that I just wasn’t creative enough for squeezing in my runs. I had run earlier in the week, but during the middle… Nope. So I decided that I was going to run two splits on Friday and Saturday to make the 12 miles happen.

Friday I woke up early, in fact the moon was still out by the time I stepped out the door, but I ran my 2 miles, worked, mom duty, and then ran 5 more miles!

The following morning, Saturday, I had planned on running 2 miles as a warm up to a 5k I was running that same morning, but it was thunder storming so I held off. I ran my 5k, and ran my last 2 miles once I got home.

The neat thing is that I did fairly well on my 5k! I finished in 29:30 and that wasn’t me purposefully trying to go fast.Β I ran that because my body felt like I could!

This next week will be interesting too, because I’ll be in NY for my sister’s wedding, so I’ll need to get creative! πŸ˜‰




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