Book Review: Vitamin N

vitamin-nRichard Louv wrote the introduction to one of my more recent reads, “Balanced and Barefoot,” and I was intrigued by his words. Louv’s book, “Last Child in the Woods” is the book that one would say put him on the map, and where he coined the phrase “Nature-deficit disorder.”

Some fear that this generation of kids and others to come are less likely to have exposure to the outdoors, and that may possibly harm child development. But lucky us, Louv wrote “Vitamin N,” which is filled with plenty of great ideas for having fun in the outdoors with your kids!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Go on a moon walk when the moon is full (talk about what you see and hear)
  • Make an outdoor coupon book (Examples: day hikes, stargazing, mud pies,

    David & Zooey hiking a state park!


  • Make your own paint (Mash things like berries, mix with water, and paint)
  • Plant your socks (Have your children walk around in a garden just in socks-the fabric will pick up seeds you may not notice otherwise, plant the socks, and have fun guessing what will grow)
  • Become part of “Hike It Baby”

Vitamin N is filled with 500 amazing ideas that I encourage you to explore with your kids in the outdoors!



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