Weekly Run Review

I knew this past week would be challenging especially since I was headed to New York for my sisters wedding. I had planned on running earlier in the week so that I would just need to focus on strength training while I was in NY, but I didn’t push myself out the door, and had to make up some miles at the hotel.

My long run for the week was interesting. To make my 6 miles more fun I decided to snapchat at each mile. Unexpectedly I saw a hawk with a big fish in its talons flying over the river, “saved” a baby coyote from the street (just a matter of shooing the coyote far enough and alerting authorities about it), and this may make me sound like a stalker, but I saw a guy on the trail that has always gotten first place in any local 5k run I’ve done! I sort of wanted to say, “Hey! You’re awesome!” But decided to be less creepy and just wave hi as I passed.

Running at the hotel wasn’t easy. Once you’re out of town, the maid of honor/sister of bride during a wedding weekend, and on vacation mode… The last thing I felt like doing was waking up early to run on a treadmill at the hotel’s fitness center. I did it though.

The wedding was great and I’ll count all the dancing I did at it as my cross-training! wink wink πŸ˜‰


Getting ready for the wedding and loving that lipstick color!



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