Find Your OM Lunchtime

Monday was a bit rough for me, and by the time it was my lunch break at work, I busted out the front doors with my lunch and tried relaxing. It seemed like a desperate and feeble attempt. I was sitting at a picnic table in a garden area on a perfect fall day (sunny with bright blue skies, warm but no humidity, just that perfect September day). My lunch was a homemade turkey salad with carrots and hummus. As I started scarfing my food and swiping through social media I heard a “voice” (and no, I don’t hear “voices” this was more of that subconscious/Jiminy Cricket voice) that said, “Just sit with me.” At first I was a bit startled, but I “heard” it again, “Just sit with me.” So I immediately set my phone to the side, paused at eating to look around. That’s when I really started noticing that beautiful blue sky, the warmth of the sun on my arms, how fresh my vegetables tasted, and cute little chipmunks running about the garden gathering acorns. I breathed in deep and exhaled. Instead of my typical 10 mins of eating lunch, I spent an entire 20 minutes eating and that was just with little ol’ me and without any form of entertainment but the peaceful outdoors.

As I was eating I thought about those chipmunks running around. They were all on a mission, gathering food, attempting fate (running into the street) and enjoying their acorns. It made me kind of chuckle thinking about how similar we all are to chipmunks. We set our own “mission,” gather “food” (whatever that may be-food, money, friends, etc.), attempt fate (singing in public, running a marathon, trying a new hairstyle, etc.), and enjoy our “acorns” (whatever we find to be our rewards).

Chipmunks do all of that because that is life, it is what comes natural to them, and we happen to have the same nature: mission, needs, fate, and rewards.

I wish I had more of a conclusion to my story, but I wanted to leave it out there. It’s good to “just sit with me” (me being God, your spirit, your Jiminy Cricket, or whatever you want it to be), and that it’s important to realize that the problems or fate we face in the present may sometimes feel big and ominous, but in actuality it’s just part of life.



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