2 Months to Half Marathon

Yowza! I have 2 months until my first half marathon!! With that in mind I decided to try out themadison-fall-marathon “compound effect” when it comes to my training. So with each week I will add something new that will help me grow stronger and healthier for my final days of training! The idea of the compound effect is that if you do small things daily it will grow big, and if you add small things on top of small things think of all that you can accomplish!

I have 8 weeks to go and this is how I’m going to rock it!

  1. Minimum of 8 cups of H20 daily! (I admit, I’m not consistent with this at all)
  2. Daily leg stretches and strengthening
  3. Daily torso stretches and strengthening
  4. Daily arm stretches and strengthening
  5. No alcohol
  6. Daily walk or run (point is to move every day even if it’s an easy walk)
  7. No sugar (Just in time to avoid eating all that leftover Halloween candy!)
  8. Bed by 10 PM each night

I’ll make sure to share with you how it goes, and this might all blow up in my face, but hey it’s worth the optimism and the try!



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