Weekly Run Review

The past two weeks have flown by and I believe that I owe you TWO run reviews! I think it’s one of those situations where no news is good news, and I have no news… Well, I guess the news is that I’ve been rocking my runs! My shorter runs have been pain free and great, and my long runs well despite being long and leaving me a sweaty mess have been outstanding!

Here are a few things I have learned though and may end up being tips for you:

  • It is getting lighter later and darker earlier so it is important to invest in reflective gear and/or lights, and know rules of running outdoors when it is dark. I have a reflective pouch for carrying my items and also a blinking light to clip on to my waist, shirt, or even sleeve cuff. This may seem odd but MANY runners including guru runner Hal Higdon suggest running facing traffic, that way you can see who is coming and can hop out of the way if need be. Another tip is always be on the lookout for drivers and be cautious! Just because you can see them doesn’t mean they have noticed you.
  • On long runs especially when it’s hot out, it’s important to stay hydrated. Either have water with you or plan your route knowing what water options are around. I have literally planned my long runs around knowing where my public drinking fountains are, and also I have started taking starburst with for not only a little bit of extra energy but also to help pseudo-quench any thirst I have between water stops. (Pausing for water is also a great way to stretch out you body especially since it’s gotten warmed up and the muscles are ready to stretch out,
    also I had one starburst on my 9 mile run)
  • Wearing a heart rate monitor especially on the long runs I found helpful. I realized that at times when I would’ve thought, “I’m tired,” when I saw my heart rate zone in the “walking the dog around

    Almost Half Crazy!

    the park” zone I realized that I’m good and I can actually push myself even more! Once I started pushing myself and monitoring my zone I got in a more exciting consistent pace which I believe took up my pace a notch. Woohoo!

  • Lastly, this may seem like a no brainer but showering helps period, washing your gear helps maintain it longer, and replacing gear even when you feel that you just bought it-well if it needs to be replaced, just replace it.

Happy Trails! XO


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