Book Review: Elena Vanishing

31hjvc-gfml-_sy344_bo1204203200_Typically I like suggesting books that are mainly warm fuzzies and good vibes, but today I have a book I wanted to share because it is an important one to recognize. “Elena Vanishing” is a memoir about Elena but uniquely written by her mother Clare. Depending on how much of a reader you are that may or may not have confused you. Typically memoirs are written by the person about a time in their own life, but for Elena it was difficult for her to do so. She felt her story was worthy to tell, and her mother who was already a published author offered to help her tell it. So right away this is a very uniquely written book.

The second thing that is unique about “Elena Vanishing” is that it is different than other eating disorder books because it is more honest. There are plenty of young adult literature out there on eating disorders where they show what is wrong with the character, then there is therapy, and then boom the character is better. If you suffer, have suffered, or know someone who has or is suffering from an eating disorder you know that this isn’t the case. Also, I have noticed in most fictional and sometimes even non-fiction books they never truly show how “ugly” this illness can be. I apologize for using the word “ugly” but I cannot think of a better word to describe how it can take over your personality and life. Elena is very honest in her memoir and at times I can only imagine how embarrassed she is to admit to certain thoughts and behaviors.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants to further understand eating disorders whether it’s for you or someone you know. It isn’t therapy and won’t give you tips and tricks on how to do it, but it does show an honest and interesting representation.

If you’ve read or or read it let me know what you think!



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