Honestly (A Half Marathon recap)

It’s been a while since my last post, and honestly sometimes you just need to take a break because life gets a bit overwhelming. Whether your work or kids swamp your life, sometimes you just need to put up that little white flag and call truce. But i’m glad to be back to posting.

As I had hoped I finished my first half marathon on November 13th in Madison, Wisconsin. Even though I had given myself 16 weeks to train life kept throwing me curve balls! I mentioned before getting a sinus infection, injuring my knee, and getting a nasty cold, but as of a couple weeks ago I also came down with another bad cold/sore throat. In fact we all got sick. My husband got a 102 degree fever, my daughter got croup and strep throat, and my son got an ear infection, 101 degree fever, strep throat and an ear infection. As you can imagine there were about 3 weeks that our how was an infectious mess.

The first to get sick was actually my daughter, and when we found out that she had strep I decided to run my 13.1 miles the next day. That particular day was supposed to be my long run of 12 miles, and I thought at the time, “what’s another 1.1 miles?” So off I went! I thought well it’s either good practice, or if I get sick and unable to do my registered race then at least I can say I did it. And guess what, I did get sick, but I got over most of it just a couple days before my run. Honestly I did the run with a runny nose, but at least it wasn’t a full blown cold! (Truth: I had Kleenex with me just in case there was a sneeze emergency that my sleeve couldn’t handle)


Practice Half

My “practice” half was easy yet hard. By mile 8 I was thinking, “wow, this is amazing, I feel great and I’m almost finished!” But then I did the quick math in my head and thought, “5 more miles?! That’s not close to finishing! That’s 5 more miles!!” Then at mile 11 I had to give a pep talk to myself. I literally had to tell myself, “It’s just 2 more miles. You can do this!” And guess what? I did! It was awesome, although I needed a nap after! The next day or so I got sick, and was glad that I did my run just in case.

As I said earlier just a couple days before my official half marathon I got well enough to run it, and as of November 13th I ran my official first half marathon! More details to come!

XO, Katie



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