Two Weeks to a 10k

With just two weeks before my 10k race I fell down a few steps and hit my toe. Initially it swelled, bruised, and felt like I couldn’t move it.

It. Was. Frustrating. I couldn’t believe that I possibly could have broken my toe just weeks before my race. Not only could I not train, but I may not even be able to run it. So, I iced, rested my toe, and taped it. The first day or so was not that great, but by day 3 it felt almost back to normal! So almost back on my original plan!

I tried running a mile, and managed to run .40 mile before deciding to stop. Even though I wasn’t in excruciating pain I could tell my toe wasn’t happy with me. So I missed my 4 mile Thanksgiving run, and my 10k is in a week.

Not sure if I’ll be able to train for it/even run it, but hereΒ are some tips on how I would train two weeks before a 10k:

  • REST (especially if you just ran a half marathon. Give yourself a day or two off, and listen to your body. Don’t run injured!)
  • Aim for 4-5 runs a week running anywhere from 2 miles (fast) to 4 miles (pace) to 6 miles (comfortable)
  • Do leg work to prevent sore knees and IT bands (while you’re at it how about your whole body!)
  • Drink water, eat well, and sleep
  • And be careful wearing fuzzy socks while walking down hardwood stairs!!

At this point I’m hoping and praying that my toe will be better soon, and finding a babysitter (not so fun) and outfit (so fun)!music dance happy sexy hot




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