10 Winter Random Acts of Kindness

Some days I can feel down in the dumps especially on those cold and grey winter days. Those days are the best RAOK (random act of kindness) days! So I decided once a week I’d dedicate a day to RAOK, and maybe you could try for it too!

10 Winter RAOK Ideas:

  1. Bake homemade cookies for your neighbors
  2. Shovel and salt your neighbors sidewalk (and even driveway if you’re feeling strong-wink)
  3. Free Hot Chocolate Stand (like a lemonade stand only during the winter-perhaps on a non particularly freezing cold day)
  4. Buy a coffee drink for the person behind you
  5. During a snow storm call up a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a while

    Stay Warm Package

    (call! no texting or emailing. Call!)

  6. Clear out your closets and/or bookshelves and donate items
  7. Find a local food pantry and/or toy drive and donate items
  8. Write and mail a thank you card
  9. Watch kids of your most sleep-deprived family or friends to give them a much needed date night (or rest)
  10. Hang up “stay warm packages” in your or a city

Happy RAOKing!




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