Vegetarian (again)

Since the 6th grade I was about animal rights, but by the time I was a high school freshman I decided to go a step further, vegetarianism. Honestly, I had no idea how to eat; I basically ate what I would have eaten but just took out the meat. A lot of my diet involved cheese until I unfortunately became lactose intolerant (or at least what I assume happened to me). I used to joke that I accidentally became vegan (no meat, no more dairy, and I didn’t eat eggs either at the time) so I might as well been vegan. But since I had no idea how to eat my body started fighting back and screaming cravings.

Luckily by the time my daughter, Zooey, started pureed foods I became a food “expert” or at least to the degree I could. I found out what really worked for me. At the time I found that a paleo diet made me feel my best. However, after watching Michael Pollan’s documentary, “Cooked,” meat was very unappetizing.

cookedThe point of Cooked isn’t to turn people vegetarian or vegan, but rather show the history and culture of food and how things should/could be. I do know that there’s been the trend toward healthier and happier animals that end up on a plate, but I struggle with the idea of eating something that was once living. I know that it’s part of life, but from my personal point of view I just couldn’t do it. So I decided to become full out vegetarian after 10 years of being one, 5 years of not, and back at it. Perhaps this will be a short-lived action of mine or perhaps it will be permanent, but in case anyone has noticed a change in what I post about food that is the brief history of the why and how.




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