26 Running Mantras

The number 26.1 is as mystical and magical to me as a unicorn, and so I thought it’d be fun to share 26 mantras with you that you can use on your runs (perhaps a 26.1 mile run)! Why a mantra? Well, they help you during the toughest parts of your runs when you feel like you can’t move forward. I have used mantras plenty of times and have found that those positive words have gotten me across the finish line!

26 Running Mantras

  1. I am a runner
  2. I eat hills for breakfast
  3. Keep moving forward
  4. One more mile
  5. Just keep running
  6. PR or ER
  7. I’ve got this
  8. I am strong
  9. I can and I will
  10. Earn this
  11. Light and fast
  12. Breath it in, run it out
  13. The Lord is my strength and my song
  14. I can do this
  15. Today is my day
  16. I stop when I’m done
  17. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you
  18. Stronger with every mile
  19. Think strong, be strong, finish strong
  20. I breathe in strength; I breathe out weakness
  21. Run with endurance
  22. Just run
  23. Run the mile you are in
  24. Slow or fast, a mile is a mile
  25. You are bad ass
  26. Run with your heart not your legs

Happy trails!




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