Branding: The Good and the Bad

Alright, I’m going to be honest here and this honesty may not have anything to do with anything, but I felt it was something I needed to share.

About 3 years ago I started blogging under “MiddleCoastMommy.” The idea was to document my life being a Mom, and what I found is that most people liked my posts on health, fitness, and food over anything else I posted like DIY crafts or mom life. I started learning more about blogging which led to learning about branding which somewhat fascinated me. One of the main things I discovered about branding is that there needs to be consistency, such as even if you write a “lifestyle blog” it needs to be about a particular part of life-it can’t be about anything and everything involving your life mainly because that starts to get messy.

So I developed this current blog with the idea of creating a focus on health, fitness, and food which would hopefully strengthen my “brand.” In addition to that I thought about how my blog looks, how I write, and even how I look-do I look like the “brand” I have created (and honestly I don’t think my “look” reflects my blogs “branding”)?

Brands can be totally neat, don’t get me wrong, but “branding” people I think is honestly impossible. And sure you can totally argue with me on that thought, but here’s why I’m thinking that. People change constantly. Yes we are essentially always our selves, but branding limits who you could become based on personal development, tastes developing, etc. Branding makes you recognizable, makes people feel comfortable because they know what to expect, but it also limits who you are and can be.

One thing I struggle with the idea of branding is that my life involves so much more than what I blog about as do all other bloggers I’m sure. Some of my life I have thought about blogging about but then stop because I think…. hmm… that’s not part of the “brand” of my blog, which has made me wonder if that’s when you create a new blog on that particular subject matter. The problem with that is in a way it makes you feel like you have a split personality creating two different “brands” based on interests, because they don’t always overlap, and if you overlap them you perhaps may create too narrow of a niche to get anyone interested in what you write.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings, and if you have any information for me that may make this clearer by all means please go ahead and enlighten me (being said in the most unsarcastic way)!



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