Book Review: Vitamin N

vitamin-nRichard Louv wrote the introduction to one of my more recent reads, “Balanced and Barefoot,” and I was intrigued by his words. Louv’s book, “Last Child in the Woods” is the book that one would say put him on the map, and where he coined the phrase “Nature-deficit disorder.”

Some fear that this generation of kids and others to come are less likely to have exposure to the outdoors, and that may possibly harm child development. But lucky us, Louv wrote “Vitamin N,” which is filled with plenty of great ideas for having fun in the outdoors with your kids!

Here are a few of my favorite ideas:

  • Go on a moon walk when the moon is full (talk about what you see and hear)
  • Make an outdoor coupon book (Examples: day hikes, stargazing, mud pies,

    David & Zooey hiking a state park!


  • Make your own paint (Mash things like berries, mix with water, and paint)
  • Plant your socks (Have your children walk around in a garden just in socks-the fabric will pick up seeds you may not notice otherwise, plant the socks, and have fun guessing what will grow)
  • Become part of “Hike It Baby”

Vitamin N is filled with 500 amazing ideas that I encourage you to explore with your kids in the outdoors!



A-Ha Moment #1

Yesterday I caught myself saying something that once it was pointed out to me, I couldn’t believe that it had left my mouth in the first place. All I said was, “So I need to be more inspirational?” It doesn’t sound like much of a problem, but it actually is a big one. That simple self-reflected question is screaming I am not an “in-yo-face” believer in myself. Somehow I thought I would need to be different to be more inspirational, but the thing is I am awesome. Yes, yes, this all sounds very self-conceited of a post, but it’s not, it’s actually more of a realization that benefits me AND you!

Life in Motion (Blurry family pics)

Life in Motion (Blurry family pics)

Right now I am a full time Mom. I take care of my two young kids and three pets. I also work part time, dabble in my Etsy shop MiddleCoast, and am coaching people to have healthier lives. My husband works full time and is currently pursuing his doctorate. We don’t see each other for more than five minutes some days on a regular basis. Our lives are drastically different than they were just four years ago. We have grown so much in just less than five years! We are working hard, it is honestly exhausting, but I wouldn’t change it. ย We both went from a couple that ate late night burritos after whatever it was we spent our time doing to a couple who spends our time purposefully.

How did we get there? We started living our lives with the motto “no regrets.” Wishing is for when you’re a kid and can’t make a change because let’s face it, you’re a kid. But when you’re an adult you don’t need to wish your days away. Now is the time that you can take action, make your wishes your reality. No, it’s not going to be a simple wave of a wand and your wish will come true. Making wishes a reality is hard work, but it’s possible and doable. You just need to believe in yourself. Look at me, I get it done, I find a way, let that be your inspiration to making your dreams and wishes come true. And if you can’t find a good example or role model, BECOME that good example and role model! You have the power to pave that path, you have the power to be the leader for others to follow. I don’t know a single person doing what I’m doing, but that is not stopping me.

It is never too late to live life with a purpose. Life will be much fuller, much richer once you spend your minutes wisely instead of letting others decide it for you. You are awesome. You have the power to attack life and live it with meaning, just believe in yourself. Envision what you want, and become the person who will get you there. Love yourself, love others, be forgiving, and be the best version of yourself that you can be!