Vegetarian (again)

Since the 6th grade I was about animal rights, but by the time I was a high school freshman I decided to go a step further, vegetarianism. Honestly, I had no idea how to eat; I basically ate what I would have eaten but just took out the meat. A lot of my diet involved cheese until I unfortunately became lactose intolerant (or at least what I assume happened to me). I used to joke that I accidentally became vegan (no meat, no more dairy, and I didn’t eat eggs either at the time) so I might as well been vegan. But since I had no idea how to eat my body started fighting back and screaming cravings.

Luckily by the time my daughter, Zooey, started pureed foods I became a food “expert” or at least to the degree I could. I found out what really worked for me. At the time I found that a paleo diet made me feel my best. However, after watching Michael Pollan’s documentary, “Cooked,” meat was very unappetizing.

cookedThe point of Cooked isn’t to turn people vegetarian or vegan, but rather show the history and culture of food and how things should/could be. I do know that there’s been the trend toward healthier and happier animals that end up on a plate, but I struggle with the idea of eating something that was once living. I know that it’s part of life, but from my personal point of view I just couldn’t do it. So I decided to become full out vegetarian after 10 years of being one, 5 years of not, and back at it. Perhaps this will be a short-lived action of mine or perhaps it will be permanent, but in case anyone has noticed a change in what I post about food that is the brief history of the why and how.




MiddleCoast Cooks: Healthy Banana Chocolate Chip Cookie

Zooey, my little helper!

Zooey, my little helper!

One thing you may start noticing about me is that I LOVE bananas! I think they are a great snack, great to toss into a smoothie, great to mush into a frozen treat, and also great for baking cookies!

So I found a recipe for banana coconut cookies, and from that I fine tuned it into a delicious, healthy and easy-to-make treat, MiddleCoast style!





Here’s what you need to know:

Ingredients: 3 ripe bananas, cocao powder, dark chocolate chips, pecans, and oats

Baking Instructions:

  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees
  2. Grease (I used a coconut oil spray) or line pan with parchment paper

    Mmm we can't wait!

    Mmm we can’t wait!

  3. Mash bananas in bowl, add other ingredients, and mix around (I didn’t measure anything, I like to eyeball it-imagining what I would like to see in every cookie or each bite-sorry but it’s true!)
  4. Use a spoon to create about 2 inch balls
  5. Place balls on cookie sheet with some space in between, and flatten slightly (use flatter end of spoon to do this)
  6. Bake 15 mins
  7. Allow to cool for a few minutes before you enjoy!
Finished and delicious!

Finished and delicious!

Tip: The more oats you use the less soft/gooey they will be (not saying that you should add more oats, just what you prefer-I think I liked mine on the gooey side)

Hope you enjoy it! If you adjust anything and you love it please feel free to share with me! I always like trying something new! I know next time we are talking using blueberries instead of the dark chocolate chips!


What I Ate

A common question I hear is “What do you eat in a day?” When I tell people what I typically eat, and they realize it usually isn’t from eating out there tends to be an exhausted sigh. I’m not a nutritionist or a doctor, but I can honestly say that eating in has changed my entire outlook on food and nutrition!

So, here I am sharing with you “What I Ate” in a day!14081352_917571568355164_1353659518_n

Breakfast: Fried eggs topped with homemade peach salsa

Lunch: Turkey salad with homemade dressing, and bell pepper with hummus

Dinner: Steak and mixed sweet potato and radish chips

Dessert: Frozen banana with peanut butter and chocolate protein powder

Estimated Calories: 1,350

I’m 5’3″ and tend to aim my calories between 1,200 to 1,500 depending on how active I am within the day. Hope this gives you some insight and inspiration to eat in!


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Like many others I began the month of January with much excitement for


Typical Whole30 Day

#JanuaryWhole30 or #Whole30isepic! And like some I was #Wholemost30.

I was going strong, feeling great, and trying new foods and recipes that were oh-so-delicious, but then came the cold of all colds. It started with my son who ended up with an ear infection, next my daughter with a hacking cough, and then my husband and I. Each of us experienced it a bit differently, and how my body handled it was to lose my voice completely for about four days! And let me tell you this… It’s very hard to be sick when your kids are sick, and I discovered that when you don’t have a voice on top of that, it’s even harder!

So with no one to take care of me (considering we were all sick), thus no one to make me Whole30 compliant food, I ate the only thing that was easy and nice on my throat… Frozen Yogurt. Sure it’s not the worst of the worst, but it’s not Whole30 and with that frozen yogurt came eh, I might as well have an almond milk latte, and then eh I might as well have some dark chocolate. Yeah, I know, I’m really “bad” when it comes to “eating bad!” (note my sarcasm), but it was not #JanuaryWhole30.

Now that my cold (which lasted about 2 weeks or slightly longer) is over I am free to Whole30 it up, but I decided at the moment I’m going to focus on trying my best to eat as healthy as possible. Whole30 isn’t Whole365, it’s ok to eat some foods that aren’t compliant all of the time. What is important is to try your best to eat well, and make clean eating a permanent part of your life.



A Burger Don’t

If I ever eat fast food (which is rare) I might opt for Potbelly, Panera, Chipotle, or Subway. It has been years since I have eaten at any burger fast food place, and in all honesty last time I did I didn’t even opt for a burger I attempted a grilled chicken sandwich and still got sick. I already knew that fast food did not do my insides good.

So this morning one of the first news articles I read was about Burger King, and apparently the Black Halloween Burger is giving people “cartoon green poop” for as long as three days!? Really? They are claiming it is safe, and that the ingredients they use are approved by the FDA, but really? This is just another example of my question as to when people are going to wise up to big business not caring about our bodies. A black burger is supposed to be a fun gimmick, but at what cost? There might not be any medical consequences of “cartoon green poop” in studies as of yet, but maybe that’s because they never needed to make this study before? All I know is that it is not supposed to be green, and if you were to go to the doctor about that they most likely would tell you that it is not a normal color.

This has even caused the new hashtag #greenpoop and it seems black and white responses. Some people are freaked out about it while others think it is funny and they can’t wait for it again.

Ok, stepping onto my soap box, for the love of life we all need to be educated on taking care of our bodies whether that is through professionals or proper reading materials. I’m not a doctor, but please say no to green poop.

xoxo, Kate

Healthy Eating. A Mental Illness?

Recently I came across an article about orthorexia, which is orthorexia nervosa, or rather eating too healthy has become an eating disorder?

If you are not familiar with orthorexia it is considered an eating disorder, but is not in the DSM-5 yet (although it has been coined since 1997). It’s considered an unhealthy obsession with healthy eating. Recently I have seen more articles on this topic, because of the popularity of Paleo and Whole30 diets. Sadly quite a few articles I read have been attacking either as causing people to become orthorexic, which I imagine may start developing negative connotations for both Paleo and Whole30. Here’s where I say, “HOLD UP.”

Eating healthy is good. The Paleo and Whole30 diet encourages healthy eating. What becomes the problem with orthorexia is the word obsessed. I have read over and over from the creators of Whole30 saying it’s NOT the Whole 365, it’s Whole 30 meaning you are not expected to eat perfectly every day at every meal for the entire year and year after year. There is nothing wrong with being encouraged to eat healthy, and trying to eat as healthy as possible. Again, the main problem is the obsession of it. People can develop anxiety which can lead to depression and other illnesses. If someone is too obsessed with healthy eating they may avoid social activities, follow an extreme diet (because eventually everything can look scary), etc.

The main reason I felt the urge to write about orthorexia was the fact I want everyone to stay strong about eating healthy! As I mentioned there are so many healthy eating bashing articles because of this new trending word. Eating healthy can go to the extreme just as much as eating not so healthy can! The point is to eat in balance, live in balance.

So if you’re leading a healthy lifestyle, don’t be discouraged by naysayers, be educated and able to explain the difference between orthorexia and eating healthy.

xoxo, Kate

It Starts with Food, Whole30

Last Monday (September 14), I started Whole 30. I had heard about it, but when my sister asked if I wanted to try it with her I went full out in research mode. I got the books “Whole 30” and “It Starts with Food,” started a Whole30/Paleo Pinterest page, and read Whole30 forums. And I was hooked.

If you’re not familiar with Whole 30, here it is in a nutshell. Eat clean, be healthy.

Alright, well I’m guessing you want more details right? I’m glad, because the details are worth sharing! Basically you are asked to clean up your diet for 30 days. These 30 days act as a sort of “reset button” to the body so that after the 30 days you can reintroduce certain foods slowly and see how your body responds. People may tend to have negative reactions to certain foods without realizing it, and this is a way to make it more ah-ha obvious that your body doesn’t care for this or that (probably processed ickness but who knows maybe it is as innocent as peanuts, grains, or beans).

So far I’ve consumed lots of vegetables, fruits, nuts, eggs, and meats. I avoid added sugars, processed foods, dairy, grains, and alcohol. It has led me to shop mainly produce and make all my meals, and in general eat incredibly healthy. So far it’s been amazing. My afternoon crash is gone, my bloat is gone, digestively i’m right on “track,” any food irritation is gone, sugar obsession is gone, major hunger pangs gone, sleeping fantastic, and in general I feel amazing!

At this point I’m not sure I ever want to go back to what I was eating before, because I feel incredible. I highly recommend anyone to try out Whole30, or at least get your feet wet by trying a week of no added sugar. Either way I’m sure your body will thank you!

It’s been almost 2 weeks in to Whole30 and I’m really happy I started! I will keep everyone updated on my progress!

xoxo, Kate