Fit Faux Pas

I tried to ignore it when I saw the magazine covers, but when I overheard two young adult ladies talking about it the other night I just couldn’t help but get on top of my soap box.

(Step up onto soap box) Ahem, if I can have your attention please!

The other night I heard one lady say to another lady:

“Hey! Did you hear about Khloe Kardashian’s new Revenge Diet? She looks so good now!”

“Oh I know! She looks so much better than before!”

Sure this may sound like a compliment, but here are the two things wrong with this:

  1. Revenge Diet
  2. Looks better

And why is that a problem?

Well first off no one should ever do a “revenge diet.” We should never go on a diet to make someone jealous or envious. Why waste your energy on that, but instead if you are going to go on a “diet” (which in reality I think there should be no such thing as diets-but rather healthy eating/living for good) you should do it for your own health and how you feel! Then the other thing saying that she looks better now implies that she didn’t look good before. Health and fitness should not be about “looking good,” but again about feeling good and in general being healthier. Sure there are plenty of people out there that associate thinness or fitness as being more attractive but part of that attractiveness may be about feeling confident in your own skin and also literally feeling good. There are plenty of people who may be thin and fit but are mean and rude, and those people no matter how “good” they look they’re probably going to be remembered for being a mean and rude person.

Here is an example about how being thin or fit doesn’t neccessarily make you a more attractive
person. Tao Porchon-Lynch is a 98 year old yoga teacher who is a very attractive person. Her attractiveness isn’t due to her thin and fit body but rather due to her smile, her spirit, the energy she gives off. She is someone who you want to be around!

Here is a second example: Jessamyn Stanley is known for her “curvy yoga.” She is a very beautiful woman and she is not “thin,” she is curvy and fit at the same time! Once again her smile, confidence, and humor makes her an attractive person.

Obviously this is all my opinion and you may have a different opinion than me, but I guess my point is that we should be nice. Don’t take any action to make someone else feel bad, and simply be encouraging and kind.

(Steps off soap box)

Do you have another example of beauty that comes in all shapes and sizes?


10 Reasons to Drink Water

Keeping hydrated is important specifically through drinking water, and so here are some benefits.

10 Reasons to Drink Water

  1. Hydration helps maintain clear thinking and better concentration
  2. Flushes toxins from the body
  3. Increases metabolism
  4. Helps protect joins and organs
  5. Helps nutrients and oxygen travel to organs and cells
  6. Digestive “regularity”
  7. Hydrates eyes while avoiding under eye bags
  8. Regulates body temperature
  9. Freshens breath
  10. Curbs cravings/appetite

It’s best to have at least eight 8 oz glasses of water daily.



Book Review: Diet Right for Your Personality Type by Jen Widerstrom

This past Friday I got the chance to hear Jen Widerstrom talk about her new book, “Diet Right for Your41kr7gukq7l-_sy346_ Personality Type.” Just a couple months ago while I was writing a personal mission statement and listing the people I admire, I wrote “Jen Widerstrom.” The next day I found out via her instagram that she was going to be speaking only 30 minutes from where I live! So obviously I jumped on it, because seriously who wouldn’t want to meet a role model!

Sitting in the second row, I was charmed by Jen’s sense of humor, badassness, and general charisma.  The room was packed, and rather fun since it was her hometown. Throughout the event she would shout out to someone in the audience that she just noticed. After the book discussion she met, signed books, and took photos. Overall, my Friday night rocked.

When I got home I started reading my newly signed copy of “Diet Right for Your Personality Type.” I actually finished it in three days! I was VERY happy with the book especially that she says exactly what I have felt for years that healthy living is about making permanent choices not finding quick solutions.

The book starts by discussing general health, nutrition, and making positive choices. There is a personality quiz that breaks you up into different personalities and in an effective way that I haven’t seen in any other health or fitness book. The idea is that there are different personality types and each type needs to approach health, fitness, and nutrition in a way that works with their personality type. I was pegged as an “Organized Doer” by a landslide. For some you might get a landslide sum or you might have a little bit in each category. She mentions that if there’s a little bit in each that you need to decide how honest you are being with your initial reactions to the questions, and if there are two personalities that are both high it’s that you have a dominant and recessive trait and to look at both. I even had my husband take the personality quiz. He got the “Everyday Hero” and as he read the traits he nodded, “Yes, yes, and yes.”

I highly recommend getting the book or renting it from the library. It not only is helpful for you, but also if you work with others or are looking to help friends and/or family.

Happy Readings!



Empty Promises

I literally was just scrolling Pinterest just now, and saw something that made me want to write this post. It was a pin titled: “Lose 10 inches in 10 days!” Not trying to be negative, but seriously? There are so many “fad” diets that have grand promises like this one, but they end up just being empty promises. Why is that? Well, healthy living is about making permanent changes to your lifestyle. It isn’t about quick fixes, easy changes, fast results. It is about living healthy, for good. So my request to you is to be wary of these empty promises on your journey to health.

Live healthy, live simply, live well.

XO, Kate

Two 2017 Goals

Two years ago my husband started a doctorate program, and I decided then that I would accomplish something big each year in support of his hard work (that way he wouldn’t feel as alone if I’m work towards something too). The first year I’d say having my son, Leo, was the big accomplishment. The second year running my first ever half marathon, something I thought I never ever could and would do, as my second big accomplishment. This year is the third year. He is finishing April 2018. And so I have two big goals planned: becoming an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and finishing a Yoga Teacher Training program. They’re both something I’ve been interested in doing for a while, but never thought it was the right time. I’m so excited to finish up all of the accomplishments that I have set out for, and also for David to be done with his doctorate! So close!!!



217 Things to Do in 2017

Since 2016 has become somewhat famous for being a bad year, I think we need to rock 2017. So here are ideas of things you can do to make sure 2017 is the most positive year ever!


217 Things to Do in 2017:

  1. Grow fruit and veggies
  2. Start a blog
  3. Create a signature drink or dish
  4. Meditate
  5. Talk less and listen more
  6. Learn all the different ways to cook an egg
  7. Get CPR/First Aid certified
  8. Memorize your favorite poem by heart
  9. Practice a song for karaoke, perform it, and make it your signature go-to song
  10. Learn about body language and be more “welcoming”
  11. Organize your closets
  12. Find out how YOU decompress/relax
  13. Volunteer
  14. Find a new hobby
  15. Practice a new “secret” talent (EX: magic tricks, juggling, etc.)
  16. Learn a new language
  17. Learn sign language
  18. Up your photography skills by taking a class
  19. Compliment others
  20. Smile and say hello to strangers
  21. Practice good posture
  22. Cut ties who are bad influences in your life
  23. Lose grudges
  24. Say “yes” more, but also learn how to say “no”
  25. Get at least 8 hours of sleep
  26. Learn how to be respectful during a disagreement
  27. Be more optimistic and at least “give it a try”
  28. Laugh more
  29. Fact check blog posts, and news articles posted on social media
  30. Avoid road rage
  31. Try different types of teas and coffees
  32. Start a monthly game night
  33. Read at least one book a month
  34. Spend more quality time with your pets (or visit an animal shelter)
  35. Try out a new form of exercise
  36. Try making cultural food from scratch
  37. Go all out for a costume contest
  38. Take at least one week long social media break every season
  39. Go one week without watching TV at least once a season
  40. Watch iconic classic movies
  41. Try to watch the sunrise at least once a week
  42. Try veganism for at least a day
  43. Have a “no spend” month (on the extras)
  44. Wear super red/fun lipstick (or a tie)
  45. Have picnics more often
  46. Ride your bike
  47. Be more empathetic
  48. Create the last thing you pinned on pinterest
  49. Make a good mood playlist
  50. Plan a vacation, and take it
  51. Make a goal board of everything you want to accomplish 2017/2018
  52. Sign up for a 5k (or 10k, half marathon, marathon)
  53. Do something that scares you
  54. Throw a party
  55. Make desserts for friends and/or neighbors “just because”
  56. Clean the pantry
  57. Get an indoor air purifying plant
  58. Create a memory/gratitude jar
  59. Go to a concert
  60. Explore your town as if you were on vacation
  61. Visit a museum
  62. Get a massage
  63. Go to a play
  64. Go to a festival
  65. Give blood
  66. Take a yoga class
  67. Go to an amusement park or fair
  68. Go to church (even if you’re not particularly religious)
  69. Try out something that’s been on “Shark Tank”
  70. Regularly watch/listen to TED talks
  71. Go to a book signing of your favorite author
  72. Do or say at least one kind thing a day
  73. Go on a boat ride
  74. Attend or better yet participate in an open mic night
  75. Go makeup free at least once a week
  76. Make bread from scratch
  77. Volunteer to watch your friends/family’s kids so they can get dinner out
  78. Be a volunteer dog walker
  79. Create your signature outfit
  80. Perfect your signature
  81. Create a hashtag and use it
  82. Attend a library program
  83. Make thank you cards for friends and family and mail them
  84. Go to your annual check up and get your teeth cleaned twice a year
  85. Invest in a pair of good walking shoes
  86. Find an adventurous trail and hike it
  87. Go swimming at a beach (or pool)
  88. Go to a local history museum
  89. Get and decorate a rain barrel
  90. Start a compost bin
  91. Adopt a dog/cat or donate food/litter to a local shelter
  92. Learn to read nutrition labels
  93. Make your bed every morning
  94. Save $1 a day or 10% of every paycheck
  95. Create a 5 year, 10 year, and 20 year plan
  96. Eat breakfast daily
  97. Find a workout buddy
  98. Don’t get “hangry” be prepared
  99. Fail or be told no on purpose
  100. Act rather than make excuses
  101. Fix that project in your house you’ve always been meaning to
  102. Write reviews for your favorite places
  103. Learn how to change a flat tire (or repair something you don’t otherwise know)
  104. Find your signature scent
  105. Donate to charity
  106. Learn to properly set the table (or learn new etiquette)
  107. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet
  108. Learn new ways to tie a scarf or tie
  109. Forgive someone who has done you wrong
  110. Go camping
  111. Learn how to make a fire
  112. Food prep
  113. Master parallel parking
  114. Master the cat eye look
  115. Try something new you saw from YouTube
  116. Memorize your favorite joke
  117. Learn how to play chess
  118. Learn calligraphy
  119. Skip a stone
  120. Write a song, story, or poem
  121. Make and try DIY cleaners
  122. Learn public speaking (or improve it)
  123. Wear something you love even if you think you can’t pull it off
  124. Try a new hair style
  125. Leave a generous tip
  126. Watch your favorite movie in another language
  127. Back up your computer
  128. Create a photo album
  129. Build your home library (books and/or music)
  130. Make your home a spa for one day (or at least one hour!)
  131. Ride a horse
  132. Make a wish (Ex: Blow out your candles, shooting star, coin in fountain, etc.)
  133. Go to a local sporting event
  134. Find an awesome deal on something you’ve always wanted (Treat yo’ self)
  135. Talk to someone who you normally would never talk to
  136. Become a “regular” somewhere
  137. People walk
  138. Park “hop” and find your favorite one
  139. Apply to your dream job
  140. Learn the constellations and stargaze
  141. Write a bucket list
  142. Make a survival kit for your home and/or car
  143. Get a small tattoo that means a lot (or a meaningful piece of jewelry)
  144. Fly a kite
  145. Miniature Golf
  146. Jump in a pool fully clothed
  147. Go ice skating
  148. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself
  149. Work on a friendship
  150. Shop at a local farmer’s market
  151. Have a bonfire
  152. Host a BBQ
  153. Go bowling
  154. Canoe or kayak
  155. See a drive in movie
  156. Play with sidewalk chalk
  157. Leave uplifting random notes or messages for strangers to find
  158. Run as fast as you can for as long as you can just because
  159. Have a silly string fight
  160. Build a fort
  161. Take a road trip
  162. Marathon watch a movie or TV series with your best friend
  163. Try out a new board game/find your favorite
  164. Visit a town you’ve never been to, but always been curious about
  165. Go out with your best friend wearing matching outfits
  166. Watch the sunset at least once a week
  167. Create a signature food that’s typically “simple,” such as grilled cheese
  168. Take a photo every day
  169. Throw someone a surprise party
  170. Plant a tree
  171. Finish an entire coloring book
  172. Jump in a pile of leaves and/or snow
  173. Plant a sunflower and photograph its growth
  174. Get a professional makeover
  175. Try stand up paddleboarding
  176. Say yes to everything for one day
  177. Have a waterballoon fight
  178. Pull an all nighter
  179. Have a candle-lit bath
  180. Try for that 6 pack!
  181. Love your imperfections
  182. Go to a flea market
  183. Upcycle something
  184. Jump off a dock into a lake
  185. Succefully do a shoulder and/or head stand
  186. Try sphagetti tacos or something you’d never ever try to eat
  187. Make a signature croc pot recipe
  188. Start a new family tradition
  189. Build a snowman or sand castle
  190. Go on a carriage ride
  191. Find your talent, and a way to use it
  192. See a performance at an amphitheater
  193. Polish your shoes
  194. Wear sunblock daily
  195. Try not getting lost in IKEA
  196. Join a club or start one
  197. Go on a moonlit walk
  198. Have a glitter photoshoot
  199. Go to an art gallery and/or museum
  200. Sing as loud as you can
  201. Find a four leaf clover
  202. Own and use a poloroid camera
  203. Try on an outfit that you’d never wear
  204. Make a bouquet from wild flowers
  205. Learn how to sew and make a pair of PJ pants
  206. Chalk motivating messages on a bike path
  207. Pull a prank on a good friend and laugh together about it
  208. Start a tried and true pinterest board
  209. Tie dye something
  210. Go to a midnight movie premiere
  211. Go berry and/or apple picking
  212. Put lotion on your hands and feet every day
  213. Gift your coworkers just because
  214. Laugh for at least 5 minutes daily
  215. Tell someone you love them daily
  216. Say thank you as often as possible
  217. Live a life you’re proud of

Whew! If you made it to the bottom of my list, you’re going to have an awesome 2017!



New Years Resolution Ideas

Any day is a great day to start a resolution, but particularly New Years Day! vintage-new-years-14

25 New Years Resolution Ideas:

  1. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day
  2. Take the stairs
  3. Park in the furthest parking spot
  4. Eat protein at every meal
  5. Eat veggies and/or fruit at every meal
  6. Let go of grudges
  7. Get at least 10 minutes of sun every day (if the sun is out)
  8. Wake up and pray/send warm fuzzies to someone you love and care about
  9. Journal 5 things you are grateful for every day
  10. Learn how to and read nutrition labels
  11. Become product conscious
  12. Go for a daily walk (indoors and/or out)
  13. Daily or weekly RAOK (random act of kindness)
  14. Declutter your home
  15. Get 8 hours of sleep (more or less)
  16. Stop drinking alcohol
  17. Try something new each month (Ex: Salsa dancing, rock climbing, piano lessons, etc.)
  18. “Give up” something each month (Ex: sugar, tv, social media, etc.)
  19. Start your day by stretching
  20. Journal your food and water intake, amount of sleep and excersise for the day
  21. Stop eating out or limit it
  22. Bake from scratch at least once a week
  23. Start a garden (winter for planning, spring for prepping, summer and fall for gardening and eating)
  24. Brush twice and floss once daily
  25. Say hello to positivity!

Let’s rock 2017!