September Gratitude

September has been quite a month! It started off in a whirlwind of flying out to New York for my sisters wedding at a beautiful vineyard on Long Island. The wedding was so beautiful and I am so happy for my sister and brother-in-law! The following week was my 31st birthday where I celebrated with my family and friends the following day with a chill bonfire. I’m going to pat myself on the back for making a killer music playlist and snacks (Homemade: Chili-lime Popcorn, Birthday Popcorn, Garlic and Parmesan Popcorn, Puppy Chow Mix, a Pumpkin Chex Mix, and an Apple Wine Sangria). Zooey started her first ballet class and loves it, and even started Preschool! I kept up on my weekly runs like a champ including my 9 mile runs! Despite moody days where all I wanted was chocolate I kept my attitude positive and rocked the month of September!

I look forward to an awesome October!



Find Your Om-Pain

It’s funny that when we discover our own pain we typically go all “ostrich” by burying our head in the sand and ignore or avoid the pain at all costs, but for whatever reason when the media or others point out “our pain” we listen  and get a sense of urgency to fix it by advised methods. Maybe we feel this urge to fix it, because we don’t like others pointing out what’s wrong or perhaps we think it’s something we missed. The odd thing though is that shouldn’t we notice/feel the pain or what’s wrong before others since we experience it first hand? Is the pain that others point out only real because it becomes invented for us?

There have been times when coworkers have described me as being as “cool as a cucumber” during moments when others normally would be “freaking out.” People tend to find it hard to imagine me in any sort of aggressive state since I tend to be so calm even in hectic situations. For a while it puzzled me as to why I should be “freaking out,” but I realized that my pains are different than other people’s pain and that it’s actually harmful to me to think that I “should” be freaking out. What I’m trying to say is that I didn’t feel pain in certain situations until others started pointing out that pain and how I “should” be feeling. It started getting me to question, “Is it healthy or normal for me to not be bothered by this?” I guess the answer to that is best answered by your therapist, but if you want an answer to that by your blogger friend, well I think it is normal and totally healthy to not have the same “pain” as others.

It even goes the other way. There have been times where something has pained me and bothered me and I have asked whether I’m supposed to be feeling or whether I should be feeling bad about certain situations. Well, the fact is that I AM feeling bad. It doesn’t matter whether or not I “should” be, the fact is that I am. If someone were to tell me that I “shouldn’t” feel bad, well honestly that doesn’t make me feel any better. I’m guessing you’ve heard that one before, and typically that makes you feel worse because you might think, “What’s wrong with me? I’m not supposed to feel this way but I do. There must be something wrong. What am I supposed to be thinking? Am I thinking the wrong way at everything?” … It can become a very dangerous pattern.

People have different life experiences than others and so there will be different outlooks. Think about how many different kinds of books, TV shows, movies, clothes, and even sports are in this world! They are out there because there are so many different personalities to target.

It’s interesting though that when people see pleasure people tend to think, “cool.” But if there is pain TO pleasure people tend to think, “what? I got to get that! I need to get there!” And I’m suggesting caution to this. When you seek out pleasure from pain that OTHERS point out you might not put your 100% in and when it doesn’t work out then well it’s someone else’s fault. When you face your own pain to get to pleasure the kind that you know to be true that others haven’t pointed out well typically you are all in. There is no scapegoat or pointing fingers as to why something didn’t work out.

What I’m trying to say is to use YOUR pain (not what others point out to you) to guide you to what you find pleasurable. You should be controlling that pain because if you let others control it well then they can always move it or change it on you. You need to be involved in your life 100% in the bad and the good in the ugly and in the pretty. Take ownership of our life, take control even when it comes to pain or pleasure for that fact. Don’t run from pain, don’t hide it; face it, figure out what you want or where you want to be, and go after it.

In case this isn’t obvious though, my intentions are for healthy goals and choices. If you suspect yours are unhealthy it is best to speak with a professional. 

XO Namaste XO


Find Your OM Lunchtime

Monday was a bit rough for me, and by the time it was my lunch break at work, I busted out the front doors with my lunch and tried relaxing. It seemed like a desperate and feeble attempt. I was sitting at a picnic table in a garden area on a perfect fall day (sunny with bright blue skies, warm but no humidity, just that perfect September day). My lunch was a homemade turkey salad with carrots and hummus. As I started scarfing my food and swiping through social media I heard a “voice” (and no, I don’t hear “voices” this was more of that subconscious/Jiminy Cricket voice) that said, “Just sit with me.” At first I was a bit startled, but I “heard” it again, “Just sit with me.” So I immediately set my phone to the side, paused at eating to look around. That’s when I really started noticing that beautiful blue sky, the warmth of the sun on my arms, how fresh my vegetables tasted, and cute little chipmunks running about the garden gathering acorns. I breathed in deep and exhaled. Instead of my typical 10 mins of eating lunch, I spent an entire 20 minutes eating and that was just with little ol’ me and without any form of entertainment but the peaceful outdoors.

As I was eating I thought about those chipmunks running around. They were all on a mission, gathering food, attempting fate (running into the street) and enjoying their acorns. It made me kind of chuckle thinking about how similar we all are to chipmunks. We set our own “mission,” gather “food” (whatever that may be-food, money, friends, etc.), attempt fate (singing in public, running a marathon, trying a new hairstyle, etc.), and enjoy our “acorns” (whatever we find to be our rewards).

Chipmunks do all of that because that is life, it is what comes natural to them, and we happen to have the same nature: mission, needs, fate, and rewards.

I wish I had more of a conclusion to my story, but I wanted to leave it out there. It’s good to “just sit with me” (me being God, your spirit, your Jiminy Cricket, or whatever you want it to be), and that it’s important to realize that the problems or fate we face in the present may sometimes feel big and ominous, but in actuality it’s just part of life.


Motivation Monday: September Edition

Let’s face it, we all face challenges, it is part of day to day life. Sometimes people cower with their tail tucked between their legs while others attack challenges with super problem solving skills. Sometimes those challenges win, sometimes we defeat them or accept them, but no matter what we do we will always face new challenges.

Earlier today I was thinking about how runners confront challenges. Despite pain, runners continue running (well, usually). Despite blisters, chafing, sore muscles, etc. runners continue running. Some people might think runners are crazy for doing so, wonder why, but may brush it off that runners are just plain crazy! I was realizing that when runners run through pain they strengthen a sort of “muscle” that isn’t the quad, hamstring, or calf, but rather strengthening determination. I think that determination is the key factor to any challenge even if you’re accepting that it is here to stay.

Yoga Journal. Humble Warrior Pose

Yoga Journal. Humble Warrior Pose

Acceptance may seem “passive” but I actually think acceptance takes determination too. That little voice might be yelling at you, but sometimes with determination you need to be willing to accept it is how it is and nothing can change it but what needs to change is your attitude or feelings. If you’re accepting a situation with attitude that isn’t really accepting. Think about the “humble warrior” position in yoga. I think that name and pose perfectly describes acceptance, a state in which we are both comfortable yet engaged. So yes sometimes to accept takes determination.

Runners tend to be determined to reach a goal. When challenges arrive they tend to evaluate the situation to find the best way to reach their goal. Running an event like the half marathon I’m training for once was a, “psshhh I could never do that” to a “maybe someday” to a “I am going to run a half marathon.” It took me a while to get there, but the moment I said that “I am going to” changed that level of determination in me. So in order for me to cross injury free means that I need to train. In order to train I had to do enough research to devise the best plan for me and my goals. I have hit challenges already with my training: IT band injury, sinus infection, blisters, severe “underboob” chafing, busy schedules, thunderstorms, and 90 degree days with 97% humidity! Believe me, it hasn’t been easy, but I am determined to cross that finish line (injury free)!

It makes me think that if people are facing challenges or wanting to strengthen that “determination muscle” running (or walking) might be the perfect thing. I know people who have walked 5ks and it means just as much to them as it does for someone who runs them in 15 minutes. The fact that we have challenges are universal, but the challenges themselves are not universal. So find whatever it is that will help you build that “determination muscle” so that you can find yourself more ready to face life’s challenges.



Find Your OM Gratitude


Zooey Summer Dances

It’s important to think about what you are grateful for especially when your least favorite month is over, that being August for me. Earlier this month I set out to find things to enjoy in August so that it no longer is my least favorite and instead just another month! 😉

Well, here are 5 things I am grateful for this past month:

  1. We had a few evenings in the 50s which were a total relief to those humid, dog days of summer we had, and makes me look forward to fall even more.
  2. My body is getting stronger as I have been training more for my first half marathon.
  3. David (ze hubs) has a great group of high school students this year, which him being excited about his new year makes me rather happy.
  4. Leo (my 16 month old) started saying “Thank You.”
  5. I am in the process of starting a MOPS group!

I look forward to seeing what September has in store!


Motivation Monday: August 1

Thought it’d be fun to start a #motivationmonday post for the first Monday of every month, and so Happy Monday!

Well, the dog days of summer are here. It’s officially August. Typically August has never been my favorite month because it involved the end of summer vacation, the drudge of the new school year, and of course the heat.

I’ve learned though, that life is too short to devote an ENTIRE month to disliking it, and so I’m challenging myself to find reasons and whys to start loving the month of August!

I encourage you to do the same, and share with me what magic you discover in the month of August!


Sunset Beauty (from visiting my sister in Manhattan!)

Happy Habits

Recently I came across the ideas of “Happy Habits,” and I think it is such a great way to IMG_4987live life fully.

You don’t need to do all of these suggestions at once, what I suggest is to pick one and spend time each day doing that happy habit. After a couple weeks of doing that particular happy habit, check in and see how you’re doing and if you’re feeling more, well, happy. Decide whether or not you would like to continue that happy habit. If you’d like to continue see if there’s another happy habit that you can add to your day (checking in once again after a couple months).

Could you imagine the impact on your life if you had multiple happy habits each day? It could be brilliant!

So here’s some ideas for happy habits that you can adapt!


XOXO, Katie