Weekly Workout Review

Last week I managed to get another cold and ended up taking quite a few rest days!

Monday: SICK

Tuesday: SICK

Wednesday: SICK

Thursday: Gardening and Orange Theory

Friday: Gardening

Saturday: Rest (am I getting a sinus infection!?)

Sunday: Orange Theory and bike 13 miles on outdoor path

It’s Tuesday and I’m still wondering if I have developed a sinus infection. We will see!


Branding: The Good and the Bad

Alright, I’m going to be honest here and this honesty may not have anything to do with anything, but I felt it was something I needed to share.

About 3 years ago I started blogging under “MiddleCoastMommy.” The idea was to document my life being a Mom, and what I found is that most people liked my posts on health, fitness, and food over anything else I posted like DIY crafts or mom life. I started learning more about blogging which led to learning about branding which somewhat fascinated me. One of the main things I discovered about branding is that there needs to be consistency, such as even if you write a “lifestyle blog” it needs to be about a particular part of life-it can’t be about anything and everything involving your life mainly because that starts to get messy.

So I developed this current blog with the idea of creating a focus on health, fitness, and food which would hopefully strengthen my “brand.” In addition to that I thought about how my blog looks, how I write, and even how I look-do I look like the “brand” I have created (and honestly I don’t think my “look” reflects my blogs “branding”)?

Brands can be totally neat, don’t get me wrong, but “branding” people I think is honestly impossible. And sure you can totally argue with me on that thought, but here’s why I’m thinking that. People change constantly. Yes we are essentially always our selves, but branding limits who you could become based on personal development, tastes developing, etc. Branding makes you recognizable, makes people feel comfortable because they know what to expect, but it also limits who you are and can be.

One thing I struggle with the idea of branding is that my life involves so much more than what I blog about as do all other bloggers I’m sure. Some of my life I have thought about blogging about but then stop because I think…. hmm… that’s not part of the “brand” of my blog, which has made me wonder if that’s when you create a new blog on that particular subject matter. The problem with that is in a way it makes you feel like you have a split personality creating two different “brands” based on interests, because they don’t always overlap, and if you overlap them you perhaps may create too narrow of a niche to get anyone interested in what you write.

Anyway, hope you’ve enjoyed my ramblings, and if you have any information for me that may make this clearer by all means please go ahead and enlighten me (being said in the most unsarcastic way)!


Weekly Workout Review and May Goals

So here’s to combining two blog posts into one but hey I have confidence that I can do it! ;P

Anyway, thought it’d be fun to recap with you what my workouts were last week (and hopefully this will become a thing-sharing my weekly workouts):

Sunday: Half Marathon

Monday: Rest Day

Tuesday: 3 mile run

Wednesday: Orange Theory

Thursday: 4 mile run

Friday: Orange Theory

Saturday: Yoga 2-3

Sunday: Rest day (was planning on running a 10k event but I didn’t have the drive to run in the 30something degree rainy weather)


Alright and now here is for the doozie! I decided that for the month of May that I will not be on Facebook or Snapchat at all! The only form of “social media” I will continue using are my two Instagram accounts (the fit one and the pretty one). I decided to keep IG just because I like looking at pretty photos and being encouraged by certain accounts. Then the OTHER thing I’m doing this month is not drinking a drop of alcohol. It might not seem like a big deal for some, but I have gotten into the habit of ending my nights with a glass or two of wine and I want to stop that. I believe I don’t sleep as well after I drink and I don’t wake up as clear headed as I could plus the whole toxin to the body thing.

So here’s to “cleaning up” my month of May both body and mind!

26 Running Mantras

The number 26.1 is as mystical and magical to me as a unicorn, and so I thought it’d be fun to share 26 mantras with you that you can use on your runs (perhaps a 26.1 mile run)! Why a mantra? Well, they help you during the toughest parts of your runs when you feel like you can’t move forward. I have used mantras plenty of times and have found that those positive words have gotten me across the finish line!

26 Running Mantras

  1. I am a runner
  2. I eat hills for breakfast
  3. Keep moving forward
  4. One more mile
  5. Just keep running
  6. PR or ER
  7. I’ve got this
  8. I am strong
  9. I can and I will
  10. Earn this
  11. Light and fast
  12. Breath it in, run it out
  13. The Lord is my strength and my song
  14. I can do this
  15. Today is my day
  16. I stop when I’m done
  17. If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you
  18. Stronger with every mile
  19. Think strong, be strong, finish strong
  20. I breathe in strength; I breathe out weakness
  21. Run with endurance
  22. Just run
  23. Run the mile you are in
  24. Slow or fast, a mile is a mile
  25. You are bad ass
  26. Run with your heart not your legs

Happy trails!



What I’ve learned about Intermittent Fasting

When I told my husband that I was going to try intermittent fasting he thought that it was totally unnecessary, which made me laugh because that’s how he naturally eats without even realizing it! I’m into trying new things, and thought let’s just see what it’s all about.

My experiences with it might be totally different than yours, but here’s my experience in a nutshell:

  • I am HUNGRY during my fasts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It strengthens my willpower
  • Food smells are intensified
  • I get full faster
  • If you go to bed early and skip breakfast=you’ve fasted 16 hours!

So far I’ve done intermittent fasting for 6 days. I’m not sure if I can tell a difference, but most likely it’s too early to see one. Everyone I know who have tried it has loved it, which makes me think I should continue for at least a little bit more to see if I can tell any difference in my energy levels.

Basically, to be continued…!





Motivation Monday: August 1

Thought it’d be fun to start a #motivationmonday post for the first Monday of every month, and so Happy Monday!

Well, the dog days of summer are here. It’s officially August. Typically August has never been my favorite month because it involved the end of summer vacation, the drudge of the new school year, and of course the heat.

I’ve learned though, that life is too short to devote an ENTIRE month to disliking it, and so I’m challenging myself to find reasons and whys to start loving the month of August!

I encourage you to do the same, and share with me what magic you discover in the month of August!


Sunset Beauty (from visiting my sister in Manhattan!)

Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training Book

cover-half-marathon-trainingDepending on how closely you follow me (on Instagram for example) you may or may not know that I started training for my very first half marathon. One name that I have heard over and over when it comes to running guru’s is Hal Higdon. I’ve specifically heard that his training plans and tips are the way to go. So when I saw that he recently published a book in April 2016 focusing on half marathons, I immediately got it from my local library!

“Hal Higdon’s Half Marathon Training” book can be as detailed or basic as you need it to be, meaning you can skim to exactly what you need to know or you can read the entire book and learn the history of half marathons, other runner experiences, training program examples, running tips, etc.

It assured me that the plan I had come up for myself was a good one to work with, and even better I was able to improve it based on some of his suggestions (which are beneficial for both beginner and novice runners).

As for running books I think it was a great one to start with and highly recommend it when you’re beginning to plan for your first or looking to improve your second, third, or even twentieth!

Happy reading and good luck!