Sore is the New Black

When I was stretching post-half last Sunday I also felt how sore my chest, biceps and triceps were from my Thursday OrangeTheory workout! My husband laughed at me when I mentioned it. He said, “You just ran a half marathon and you’re complaining about your arms!?” It’s funny because you’d expect me to be moaning and groaning about my legs, and sure they did feel a bit sore and tight (especially on Monday), but yes it’s true my upper body was still sore from my workout a few days prior.

When I first started lifting weights my arms could only handle 5-8 pounds (max) and now I can easily lift over 10 pounds! Sure may not sound like much but for someone who used to be the elliptical-only-girl that’s a big difference! 5 pounds used to be a challenge and now 15 pounds is the challenge just over a matter of a mere few months. The thing is I haven’t allowed my arms to “get used to” the weights. Once the weight feels easy to me I bump it up. Trust me I’m not buff looking (yet) but I can tell that I’m much stronger. One way I know I’m getting stronger is that basically every day I feel sore. Could be annoying for some feeling those tender muscles, but I know they are sore because they are repairing themselves and building more muscle.

Sore today, strong tomorrow.

And how I personally feel, “Sore is the new black.”

Right now my arms, back, glutes, hamstrings, and quads are all sore. But I can see my body getting tighter, fitter, and an improvement in my running endurance and speed.

Work for that soreness and see those big improvements 🙂

Are you feeling sore today?


Half Marathon Week is Here!

The week of my half marathon is finally here! I’ve been obsessively checking the weather and seeing the rain percentage creep higher and higher, but as of yesterday it changed to 65 degrees, sunny with 0% chance of rain! Holy cow I think that’s the perfect weather for a run! I’ve been trying to remain positive, and visualizing a great run this Sunday.

I had two rest days (on Sunday-Easter-and Monday). At first I thought how can I not go for a short run, but then I just enjoyed it! Yesterday (Tuesday) as I got ready for my Leo-is-napping-while-Zooey-is-at-preschool-run I realized that I had left my running shoes in Davids car! The closest shoes to running shoes I had with me were some semi beaten up Keds! I slid them on, tied the laces, and said let’s just see how the first mile goes. Part of me was nervous that the lack of support would injure me while the other part was thinking about all those fancy expensive barefoot shoes and that I’ll be just fine. The first half mile was just hard, but around mile 1 I was feeling great. I slowly bumped up the pace and finished an awesome 4 miles!

The next three days I’m actually planning on going to Orange Theory. I love those workouts because you get 30 minutes of a challenging run and then 30 more minutes of cardio from the rower and strength from weights. Personally I think it’s the perfect one hour workout. I will fit in one more short run on Thursday, and then of course rest on Saturday (the day before the run).

Right now i’m in that “I’m so nervous but so excited” emotion, and thinking what am I going to wear, what’s the weather going to be like, am I going to get sick, etc.

Seriously though, what am I going to wear!?




My First Half Marathon-What I Learned


Me, Post-Hill

When I finally I “cleared up” enough from my cold I decided that I was actually going to be able to run my first official half marathon in Madison! I was surprised at how many hills there were and how that really tried my stamina, but I ended up finishing at 2:28:05!

A few things I learned:

  • I recommend having a few different outfits planned and with you for your race. It may seem silly but the  weather may change unexpectedly the day before. For me, I had been keeping eye on the weather all week long. Two days prior I decided that was close enough so I packed what I would need, and we headed to Madison. However, when I checked the weather the night before it changed to be about 15 degrees colder than I expected! So instead of running in the 40s I would be running in the 20s. Typically you plan to dress as if it was 10 degrees warmer since your body warms up from running so that’s a difference of the 50s versus the 30s! I had brought clothes for the 50s! SO as you can imagine I ended up getting a jacket, and lucky for me there was a perfect one at the runners expo that I could use!
  • Another big thing I learned, even if you think you’ll get a good night sleep as in you ate early enough, you prepped everything, you take melatonin (a doctor has recommended this to me for sleep), but then you just lie in bed. I seriously just tossed and turned all night. I probably lightly fell asleep around 2 or 3 AM with a 5AM wake up! Since the race started at 7:10 for me, and I wanted to be there 30 minutes early, and I had to walk there from the hotel (about a 15 min walk), eat a light breakfast with coffee and water, change, stretch, warm up, etc . You can imagine 5AM wasn’t early enough! Ha! But hey it worked for me! So make sure you get enough rest a few days prior just in case pre-race jitters sink in!
  • Something else I learned that it’s important to pay attention to the elevation guide. I had taken a quick peak at it before, but obvious not close enough. Sure I noticed there was a big hill or two, but Madison’s half marathon had a lot of hills one in particular being a whopper! If you happened to run Madison’s Half Marathon in November you can probably easily guess which one it was! At leastSAMSUNG CSC when you got to the top you had a spectacular view of the lake and capital building!
  • If you can, have someone meet you at a certain mile. It will help you run to that point and also you can do a drop off or pick up if need be. David did this for me at mile 6 and that was a lifesaver! It did cut a minute or so off my time, but it was necessary at the time. 🙂
  • Pay attention to spectator signs. They are hilarious!
  • Don’t walk too far from the porta-potties after the race if this is your first half! 😉
  • Last but not least, enjoy it! Half marathons despite the distance flies by and the memory because one of enjoyment and strength!

Happy Running! XO




Weekly Run Review

Wow, I can’t believe I’m writing this, but last week I felt defeated. I’m also going to be honest here (I know sometimes on blogs and/or social media people’s lives may seem flawless), but I’m here to tell you that there are flaws. Honestly, I planned my week poorly when it came to running. Not only was I flying back from NY, “mommyied”, worked, and celebrated my birthday but I also had to fit in miles for the week. I thought, “gosh, I’m so busy at the beginning, I’ll squeeze it in at the end of the week.” In theory sure that sounds great, but in actuality between stormy weather, mommy schedules, and leg pain I ran once. ONCE!

The one time I ran was for 5 miles, and I felt AMAZING! It is embarrassing to say though that it was my only time I ran for the week which is way off for my training. Sure I can beat myself up, and the perfectionist in me sure wants to, but I’m reminding myself that like many things in life there is always room for improvement. I’m choosing to evaluate where things went wrong and see what I can do to improve it so that I do not have this sort of week again.

Here are some examples:

  • Finally get around to setting up my treadmill space in the basement (we are still in the “moving in” stage” down there) so that I can run in case of a storm
  • Go to bed earlier so that I can wake up earlier to run
  • Get reflective gear to feel comfortable running outdoors in the dark/dawn/dusk (already done)
  • Investigate options for sore legs as in compression socks, new shoes, strengthening and stretchingpic
  • Find a running partner to help me feel more accountable
  • Run shorter distances more frequently in case weeks get so busy I can’t commit to multiple long runs each week

After I rested when my legs felt like they were going to fall off, I planned on running 2 miles on Sunday,
but was pleased with running 3 just because I felt so good.

Running is about learning, being able to accept and handle what you learn, and implement improvement. Keep your chin up and your laces tied 😉


Trek-on Tuesday #2

One question that I am frequently asked is “So, have you always been a runner?” The short answer is no. I actually grew up believing and telling myself “You aren’t a runner” or “You don’t have the body to run” and with those kind of answers I bet you can imagine that I didn’t run.

My First 5k! (With the hubs-been dating 2 months)

My First 5k! (With the hubs-dating 2 months)

It wasn’t until the spring of 2009 that I started running. In fact the longest I had ran before my first 5k was one mile, and let me tell you that was tough. I ran that 5k in about 38 minutes and was bent over nauseated afterwards. I couldn’t believe at the time that I finally did a 5k! I had always seen people running in 5k’s and was always amazed thinking that someday, someday I would do a 5k.

Since 2009 I have run multiple 5k’s, and gone through two pregnancies.

5K PR, 10 months postpartum!

5K PR, 10 months postpartum after my 2nd!

After each baby I battled postpartum injuries, but managed to survive. At this point I am actually PRing my time by just under a 28 minute 5k! I have shed a little over 10 minutes off my 5k time in over six years and two babies. I am quite happy with that!

So not only is this my Trek-On Tuesday, but it’s also my #Transformationtuesday! I came from a non-runner to a runner battling negative self-talk, doubt, injuries, etc. I am so glad that I became a runner. I feel strong, positive, confident, and as if I can take on anything. I make it happen just like I do when I tell myself, “One more mile.”

Trek On Tuesday

Since every runner has a story whether it’s how they got into running or how they stay running, it’s worth a share. So every Tuesday I am going to have a weekly blog post called “Trek on Tuesday” or “Tot” for short!

If you’ve read my “Meet Katie Anne” page, you’ll know that I’m a Mom of 2, specifically a 3 year old and a 10 month old! After both pregnancies my mind was all there to start running, but my body hadn’t caught up yet. I was relatively healthy in both pregnancies especially with my second, but pregnancy does quite a number on your joints!


Postpartum Running

There is a hormone called relaxin that “relaxes” your joints (to make the birth process easier) that still flows through your body postpartum. That’s one reason why it is recommended that women wait to do any intensive exercise postpartum. Even though I waited the right amount of time, I went at my runs too quickly and ended up with injuries. After my first pregnancy I injured just my knees, and after the second I injured my knees AND ended up with double calcaneal bursitis and a stress fracture in my heel. It was hard.

It might be easy for me to say, “take it easy,” but really I recommend to take it easy whether you are postpartum, post-injury, or just starting out with running. It’s not easy on the body, and to enjoy running you need to build endurance and stamina.

Trek on!

Katie Anne

The 10k that Almost Happened

This morning as we (my two kids and I) smoothly headed out the door to my 10k run, my car wouldn’t start. It did get into the 20s last night, and we all know what the cold can do to batteries, so with some hope we (my husband and I) attempted jumping my car. I optimistically declared that I would nickname my car “Frankenstein’s Monster” if it started, but after an hour of charging, we declared it officially dead. Sorry Dr. Frankenstein, it didn’t work.

At this point I am shaking my head wondering, “How is this even possible?” I think back to everything that I did to prep for our morning and smooth transition out the door. I had clothes laid out, bottles made, food prepped, and even driving maps printed out (just in case my phone’s GPS didn’t work), but somehow I missed my car’s battery dying overnight.

It wasn’t even just an ordinary run. Two weeks ago I decided that I would attempt this run with my two kids bundled up  in the jogging stroller (at this particular event, strollers were allowed) and I would run it while my husband was in class (he is getting his doctorate). Normally I would have probably just said, “Oh well, he’s busy, no one to watch the kids, I better stay at home,” but this time I thought, “You know what? I am going to continue living my life even if he’s busy. I’m going to take charge, take my kids, and go for this run!” Over this past week things were looking up for the run even. I found someone, my cousin, to join me, and I even found someone, my brother-in-law, to watch the kids while I did the run! Everything seemed to be working out!

But then the car wouldn’t start.

I decided today, after maybe 5-10 minutes of total misery, that instead of focusing on missing my 10k (and a deceased car) that I should focus on the fact that I was willing to move past all the “excuse obstacles” and say, “Yes! I am doing this run!”

So when life gives you lemons, say screw the lemons and live!

Life gives you lemons? Screw the lemons, make muffins!

Life gives you lemons? Screw the lemons, make muffins!