Weekly Run Review

Wow, I can’t believe I’m writing this, but last week I felt defeated. I’m also going to be honest here (I know sometimes on blogs and/or social media people’s lives may seem flawless), but I’m here to tell you that there are flaws. Honestly, I planned my week poorly when it came to running. Not only was I flying back from NY, “mommyied”, worked, and celebrated my birthday but I also had to fit in miles for the week. I thought, “gosh, I’m so busy at the beginning, I’ll squeeze it in at the end of the week.” In theory sure that sounds great, but in actuality between stormy weather, mommy schedules, and leg pain I ran once. ONCE!

The one time I ran was for 5 miles, and I felt AMAZING! It is embarrassing to say though that it was my only time I ran for the week which is way off for my training. Sure I can beat myself up, and the perfectionist in me sure wants to, but I’m reminding myself that like many things in life there is always room for improvement. I’m choosing to evaluate where things went wrong and see what I can do to improve it so that I do not have this sort of week again.

Here are some examples:

  • Finally get around to setting up my treadmill space in the basement (we are still in the “moving in” stage” down there) so that I can run in case of a storm
  • Go to bed earlier so that I can wake up earlier to run
  • Get reflective gear to feel comfortable running outdoors in the dark/dawn/dusk (already done)
  • Investigate options for sore legs as in compression socks, new shoes, strengthening and stretchingpic
  • Find a running partner to help me feel more accountable
  • Run shorter distances more frequently in case weeks get so busy I can’t commit to multiple long runs each week

After I rested when my legs felt like they were going to fall off, I planned on running 2 miles on Sunday,
but was pleased with running 3 just because I felt so good.

Running is about learning, being able to accept and handle what you learn, and implement improvement. Keep your chin up and your laces tied 😉



Weekly Run Review


Kids Against Hunger 5k

This week was a bit different, because due to schedules and weather, I had two days (at the end of the week) to run 12 miles! Normally I would have broken it down throughout the week, but it made me realize that I just wasn’t creative enough for squeezing in my runs. I had run earlier in the week, but during the middle… Nope. So I decided that I was going to run two splits on Friday and Saturday to make the 12 miles happen.

Friday I woke up early, in fact the moon was still out by the time I stepped out the door, but I ran my 2 miles, worked, mom duty, and then ran 5 more miles!

The following morning, Saturday, I had planned on running 2 miles as a warm up to a 5k I was running that same morning, but it was thunder storming so I held off. I ran my 5k, and ran my last 2 miles once I got home.

The neat thing is that I did fairly well on my 5k! I finished in 29:30 and that wasn’t me purposefully trying to go fast. I ran that because my body felt like I could!

This next week will be interesting too, because I’ll be in NY for my sister’s wedding, so I’ll need to get creative! 😉



Weekly Run Review

14101816_917458535033134_300389982_nWeek two of my half marathon training was unbelievably better than my first week back post IT-band injury and sinus infection! Even though my pace was between 10-11 min miles, I’m okay with that. I’m training for distance not speed.

To keep things interesting I ran at different times of day (morning, afternoon, and evening), switched up my route each time, and listened to podcasts. Lately I’ve been enjoying Running on OM. Not only do I love the host, Julia Hanlon, voice and positive attitude, but I also thoroughly enjoy her guests! It’s actually inspired me to start a podcast myself someday… 🙂

As I’m gaining distance and cardio, I will also make sure to build those powerhouse muscles to help me keep and build my stamina and strength.

And now for week 3!

Weekly Run Review

6AM, 80 degrees, 97% humidity.

6AM, 80 degrees, 97% humidity.

My goal during my half marathon training is to run four days a week and cross train/strength train for at least two; giving me one day of rest each week. Initially I had a full 18 weeks of training for my half, but between injuring my IT Band (worst it has ever been) and getting a sinus infection, I was out for about 2 weeks. It might not sound like much, but that threw off my entire schedule. So, I created a new 14 week training plan, and started training once again. So far so good, but in full disclosure it wasn’t stellar.

The first day I thought, “Hey! I’ve been working all day, and I want to see my kids and husband so why don’t I run next to them as he bikes the kids in the bike trailer!” It was a great idea, but ended up feeling like a long road trip of Zooey saying, “I want ice cream. Can we get ice cream? Are we done?” etc. I used to run with her all of the time in my jogging stroller, but that was when she was younger and would fall asleep or at least be entertained by me saying, “Be on the lookout for a squirrel!” Yeah, she’s getting a bit older, and so maybe i’ll need to think of new ideas to entertain. So basically my husband ended up biking home, and I ran home the rest of the way by myself, and a bit stressed.

The second day of running was probably the most idiotically prepared. Since my husband’s school year is starting up again we planned for a stay-date (the night before my run). After the kids went to bed we baked chili-lime salmon, sweet potato chips, shared a flour-less chocolate cake, split a bottle of Rose wine, and stayed up talking until midnight. That wouldn’t have been a big deal, but I woke up at 5:45 AM to get out the door to run by 6 AM! Like an amateur, I had drank the night before, barely slept, had a glass of water before I headed out the door without eating anything, and started running. It happened to be 80 degrees already with humidity you had to cut through, and by the first mile I felt like hurling. The acid in my stomach burned so much, I was breathing heavy, and just felt A W F U L. Initially I thought maybe after this half marathon I should just retire from running period, my body just feels awful, and maybe I should just be done. But during my run I happened to be listening to a podcast that talked about during runs you face your dragons. These dragons are the same ones you have at any other stressful time in life, but when you’re running you find them, battle them, and defeat them. I realized then that I was considering not running because I felt awful, but I felt awful because I drank wine, barely slept, and didn’t eat anything before my run. I realized my body felt like crap because I had just treated it like crap. Running wasn’t the problem, I was! So I battled that dragon during that run and told myself, no, I am not going to treat myself like that again. Even though it was a fun stay-date and I loved that time with my husband, I also love myself and my body deserves to be treated well.

As you can imagine days three and four were much better than days one and two. Day four even happened to be 80 degrees with 97% humidity at 6 AM and I rocked it!

To be a runner it’s important to be flexible, listen to your body, and adjust your lifestyle and training plan in order to rock the running week. I’m excited to see my body continue to improve this next week!

Happy trails!


Trek-on Tuesday #2

One question that I am frequently asked is “So, have you always been a runner?” The short answer is no. I actually grew up believing and telling myself “You aren’t a runner” or “You don’t have the body to run” and with those kind of answers I bet you can imagine that I didn’t run.

My First 5k! (With the hubs-been dating 2 months)

My First 5k! (With the hubs-dating 2 months)

It wasn’t until the spring of 2009 that I started running. In fact the longest I had ran before my first 5k was one mile, and let me tell you that was tough. I ran that 5k in about 38 minutes and was bent over nauseated afterwards. I couldn’t believe at the time that I finally did a 5k! I had always seen people running in 5k’s and was always amazed thinking that someday, someday I would do a 5k.

Since 2009 I have run multiple 5k’s, and gone through two pregnancies.

5K PR, 10 months postpartum!

5K PR, 10 months postpartum after my 2nd!

After each baby I battled postpartum injuries, but managed to survive. At this point I am actually PRing my time by just under a 28 minute 5k! I have shed a little over 10 minutes off my 5k time in over six years and two babies. I am quite happy with that!

So not only is this my Trek-On Tuesday, but it’s also my #Transformationtuesday! I came from a non-runner to a runner battling negative self-talk, doubt, injuries, etc. I am so glad that I became a runner. I feel strong, positive, confident, and as if I can take on anything. I make it happen just like I do when I tell myself, “One more mile.”

Trek On Tuesday

Since every runner has a story whether it’s how they got into running or how they stay running, it’s worth a share. So every Tuesday I am going to have a weekly blog post called “Trek on Tuesday” or “Tot” for short!

If you’ve read my “Meet Katie Anne” page, you’ll know that I’m a Mom of 2, specifically a 3 year old and a 10 month old! After both pregnancies my mind was all there to start running, but my body hadn’t caught up yet. I was relatively healthy in both pregnancies especially with my second, but pregnancy does quite a number on your joints!


Postpartum Running

There is a hormone called relaxin that “relaxes” your joints (to make the birth process easier) that still flows through your body postpartum. That’s one reason why it is recommended that women wait to do any intensive exercise postpartum. Even though I waited the right amount of time, I went at my runs too quickly and ended up with injuries. After my first pregnancy I injured just my knees, and after the second I injured my knees AND ended up with double calcaneal bursitis and a stress fracture in my heel. It was hard.

It might be easy for me to say, “take it easy,” but really I recommend to take it easy whether you are postpartum, post-injury, or just starting out with running. It’s not easy on the body, and to enjoy running you need to build endurance and stamina.

Trek on!

Katie Anne

The 10k that Almost Happened

This morning as we (my two kids and I) smoothly headed out the door to my 10k run, my car wouldn’t start. It did get into the 20s last night, and we all know what the cold can do to batteries, so with some hope we (my husband and I) attempted jumping my car. I optimistically declared that I would nickname my car “Frankenstein’s Monster” if it started, but after an hour of charging, we declared it officially dead. Sorry Dr. Frankenstein, it didn’t work.

At this point I am shaking my head wondering, “How is this even possible?” I think back to everything that I did to prep for our morning and smooth transition out the door. I had clothes laid out, bottles made, food prepped, and even driving maps printed out (just in case my phone’s GPS didn’t work), but somehow I missed my car’s battery dying overnight.

It wasn’t even just an ordinary run. Two weeks ago I decided that I would attempt this run with my two kids bundled up  in the jogging stroller (at this particular event, strollers were allowed) and I would run it while my husband was in class (he is getting his doctorate). Normally I would have probably just said, “Oh well, he’s busy, no one to watch the kids, I better stay at home,” but this time I thought, “You know what? I am going to continue living my life even if he’s busy. I’m going to take charge, take my kids, and go for this run!” Over this past week things were looking up for the run even. I found someone, my cousin, to join me, and I even found someone, my brother-in-law, to watch the kids while I did the run! Everything seemed to be working out!

But then the car wouldn’t start.

I decided today, after maybe 5-10 minutes of total misery, that instead of focusing on missing my 10k (and a deceased car) that I should focus on the fact that I was willing to move past all the “excuse obstacles” and say, “Yes! I am doing this run!”

So when life gives you lemons, say screw the lemons and live!

Life gives you lemons? Screw the lemons, make muffins!

Life gives you lemons? Screw the lemons, make muffins!