3 weeks in Post-Op Shoe

Well it has been 3 weeks that I’ve been in my post-op shoe ala doctors instructions. The swelling in my toe has gone down slightly but the lump has stayed there including the pain when pressing on it. I called to see if there’s a different boot to be put in, but was told that the next step is a MRI and then figure out the treatment.

So I got the MRI this morning which was fairly boring and left my foot feeling tingly. A technician did it, a radiologist reviews it, results come in about 24 hours, and the doctor then reviews the results. Unfortunately the doctors office is closed on Fridays so I will be meeting the doctor Monday morning to discuss it.

I had originally hoped that I would be given the clear to start running and doing yoga again, but unfortunately I haven’t been given the clear yet. This Sunday marks 7 weeks to my 10k that I wanted to PR in, and 8 weeks till the half marathon I had wanted to run in under 2 hours in.

It has been difficult to not get bummed about this, but I’ve still been meeting with my friend who is running the half with me and biking with her, and also my orange theory workouts which I’m on a bike, rowing, and lifting.

I’m hoping I don’t hear bad news on Monday, but at the same time I hope I didn’t just do the MRI to find out that I have soft tissue swelling!