The Night I Got Bro’d

A couple months ago we moved into a new house and like most people when they have kidsย it takes a really long time to get the house back in order. At our old house I had a grand little work-out corner of a treadmill, hand weights, stability ball, and yoga/pilates mat. Our new house has plenty potential for a future “work out corner,” but for now that’s not happening. Between that and Chicago winters, I decided to go with a gym membership.

I Goldilocks’d it a bit and checked out a few gyms. One never would have been staffed at times I would not be using it (and considering it was 10 bucks a month-I imagined plenty of creepos might get a membership just to be creeps), another was very expensive but lovely, another just not enough of the good stuff, and lastly I found the perfect little spot with one downside-the “bro-factor.”

So, Iย decided to go full-bro (please note dry humor here). It’s a big step to go from a comfortable home gym to a large gym with bro’s, but in my mind it’s more important to be healthy and exercise than live in that fear. The night I got signed up was the night I got bro’d.

The guy asked me, “What you plan to do here?”

“Uh, use.. the .. gym? I mean, like.. everything? I want to use the treadmill, elliptical, bikes, classes, weights, and the pool.”

“But you got a plan?”

“A plan?”

“Yeah, a plan.”

“Ughhh, no… Just exercising.”


Or at least that’s what it felt like. The way he acted after that was as if it was the worst possible thing to not have a plan! Even when I was asked how often I would be coming,ย (because of work and kids) I said anywhere between 3-5 times a week. He of course said, “You won’t get results if you only come in 3 times.” Okay, dude, hold up, you should just be happy that someone wants to use your gym and also exercise period. In my book even if someone can get out and exercise once a week that’s better than nothing! We should be encouraging each other, and gym life doesn’t always have to be about “the results.” Maybe my “results” are as simple as getting out of the house, working out, and feeling good!

He ended up giving me two free passes to work with a personal trainer, and then he had me meet the full-bro trainer. I’ve worked with a trainer before, but not a bro-trainer!

Bro-trainer told me, “You got to eat a little something before our session, cause I don’t want you to pass out on me. I mean it’s a really hard workout, and I don’t feel like being passed out on.”


Work Out in Peace

Pump the breaks dude, seriously?

I will be working with the bro-trainer (at a future date) so stay tuned!

All in all, despite being lightly bro’d, it wasn’t too bad, and the real point is to be healthy and work out. So if you are nervous about getting bro’d too, just know that the main times you might be dealing with them is at sign up (or questions), but for the most part when you’re working out it’s just you and your body, you being healthy, and you being your own best bro.